Dermatofibroma Removal


Dermatofibromas are small, harmless lumps within the skin that are firm to the touch. They can occur in men and women of all ages but are more commonly found on the arms and legs of young women. The plastic surgeons at The Centre for Minor Surgery perform dermatofibroma removal in Toronto using minimal scarring techniques for women and men from Barrie, Mississauga, and surrounding cities.

What causes dermatofibromas?

Dermatofibromas can occasionally form after a minor scrape or prick but more often appear spontaneously. It is not uncommon for them to grow slowly over time. Dermatofibromas can range in colour from pink to dark brown and can sometimes be tender or itchy.

What happens during dermatofibroma removal?

While dermatofibromas are harmless, they may be removed for cosmetic purposes or if they are found to be annoying. Surgical removal is by far the most reliable method to remove dermatofibromas. Removal begins with injecting a local anesthetic into the area. Injection of the freezing is slightly uncomfortable, but there is no pain during the procedure once the freezing has taken. The dermatofibroma is removed surgically and the skin is stitched together.

How much does dermatofibroma removal cost in Toronto?

The price for removal of a dermatofibroma begins at $495 at our Ontario, Canada, clinic. The actual procedure cost varies with the size and location of the lesion. We will give you a specific price before beginning your procedure.

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