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Our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons at the Centre for Minor Surgery (CFMS) understand that something as simple as a mole can be a cosmetic concern. We perform mole removal in Toronto, often at the initial appointment, to give patients peace of mind and enhanced confidence. Our surgical approach is oriented around leaving the most minimal, unnoticeable scars or blemishes possible, so we choose the treatment option best suited to achieve optimal aesthetic results for every mole removal case.

What are moles?

Moles, also called nevi or beauty marks, are generally harmless brown, tan, pink, or sometimes blue spots that can develop anywhere on the skin. Some are present from birth, while others may develop later in life. Moles may grow and slightly change in appearance over time.

When should a mole be removed?

Your doctor should check any changing or new mole to ensure there are no signs of skin cancer. Moles often change in response to hormonal fluctuations, such as during puberty and pregnancy. Benign moles can be left untreated or removed for cosmetic reasons. Removal of harmless moles is not covered by OHIP.

What happens during mole removal?

Your surgeon will carefully examine your unwanted or suspicious mole to plan the best way to remove it with the least noticeable scar. First, your doctor will inject local anesthetic to numb the area. There is a slight sting with this injection, but after the freezing has taken the procedure is completely painless.

Depending on the features of the mole, shave excisions or excision with stitching will be used to remove your mole. The choice of which procedure to use will be based on which technique will leave you with the most minimal, inconspicuous scar possible. At CFMS it is our policy to send all moles for biopsy.

Is there a scar after mole removal?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove a mole without leaving some degree of evidence behind. Whether the area heals on its own or is stitched, the mark is usually pink or red at first. Over a period of months, scars usually fade to a fine light mark that are often hard to see at all. At CFMS, we will use best techniques to minimize scarring and are also experts in scar improvement should a rare case of unsatisfactory scarring occur.

Visit our FAQs page for more information about minor surgery at our centre.

How do I get started?

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