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At CFMS, our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons apply years of specialized experience and expertise to minor cosmetic surgery. To our Toronto patients, a harmless lesion like an unattractive mole, large sebaceous cyst, or unsightly keloid can cause constant distress and self-consciousness. Skin cancer can be disfiguring unless it’s addressed with knowledge, experience, and concern for aesthetics.

We strive to make each treatment as quick, painless, and rewarding as possible—as simple as book, treat, go. We strive for minimal scarring and optimal cosmetic results in each and every case. Visit the following pages for information about each condition and how we treat it:

At CFMS, you can forget about long wait times. No referral is needed to be seen by one of our plastic surgeons for the above conditions. To meet with Dr. Robert or Richard Backstein, book a consultation using our online form or by calling our office at  (416) 663-9649.

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To meet with one of the plastic surgeons at The Centre for Minor Surgery in Toronto, book a consultation using our online form or by calling (416) 663-9649.
No referral is needed.


Easy online appointment request – no referral needed


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At The Centre For Minor Surgery our goal is to provide excellence in surgical treatment for benign and cancerous growths. We strive to overcome the problem of long waiting times. No referral is needed to be seen by one of our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons.

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