Lipoma Removal

lipoma on back of neck

While the vast majority of lipomas are benign, harmless growths, patients often feel self-conscious about their appearance or want them removed for other reasons. At The Centre For Minor Surgery, we specialize in the surgical treatment of lipomas and many other skin lesions in Toronto. We have streamlined the removal process for our patients from Barrie, Mississauga, and surrounding areas by eliminating the need for a doctor’s referral. Our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons make minimal incisions a top priority, therefore leaving the smallest scars possible when excising lipomas.

What are lipomas?

Lipomas are a benign growth of fat (adipose) tissue. It is very rare for a lipoma to change from benign to malignant.

Where can lipomas form?

Lipomas can occur on any body part that has a fat layer. Common locations include:

  • Extremities
  • Trunk
  • Back
  • Abdomen
  • Forehead

Do lipomas need treatment?

In many cases, lipomas cause no symptoms. Patients often come in for lipoma removal for aesthetic reasons as these lesions can grow large and become more and more noticeable. With increased size, lipomas can become tender or painful as the overlying skin stretches or pressure is put on a nearby nerve. This is often the case when a lipoma develops in an area such as the back where pressure can be applied to it externally, such as when lying down.

How much does it cost to remove a lipoma in Toronto?

The price for lipoma removal starts at approximately $595 at CFMS in Ontario, Canada. Your actual price will vary based on the size and location of the lipoma. You will receive a personalized price quote before we begin the procedure.

What happens during lipoma removal?

At CFMS, our plastic surgeons remove lipomas by direct surgical excision using local anesthetic . Direct surgical excision involves making an incision over the lipoma, extracting the lipoma surgically, and then stitching the skin closed. The incision is generally about 1/2 to 2/3 the size of the lipoma itself. Lipomas that are firmly attached to surrounding tissues are more difficult to remove and may require a larger incision. Although incisions always leave a scar, at CFMS we make it a top priority to keep the incision size as small as possible.

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How do I get started?

To meet with one of the plastic surgeons at The Centre for Minor Surgery in Toronto, book a consultation using our online form or by calling (416) 663-9649.
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