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A woman is holding her arm. The are has a scar or keloid on it. (MODEL)

How To Get Rid of Keloids: Answers to 6 Commonly Asked Questions

Keloid scars can be a source of frustration and self-consciousness for many people. These raised, thickened scars extending beyond an original wound’s boundaries can appear unsightly and cause discomfort. At The Centre for Minor Surgery, we understand the impact keloid scars can have on your confidence. This blog post will answer 6 commonly asked questions, […]

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Close up of dermatologist examining patient skin tag in clinic (model)

What You Need To Know About How To Remove a Skin Tag

A skin tag is a benign, flesh-coloured growth that can occur on your face, neck, groin, or arms. They are usually harmless and form due to friction caused by your clothing or jewelry. Although a skin tag doesn’t cause discomfort, it can catch on clothing and cause embarrassment. If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about […]

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Attractive young woman with curly hair looking doubtful while choosing between two cream products (model)

DIY Mole Removal: Is It Ever a Good Option?

Moles, those small, dark spots that can appear anywhere on our skin, are often seen as just another part of our physical makeup. But moles can be more than a cosmetic concern. They may cause discomfort and irritation or even pose a risk of developing into skin cancer. In such cases, mole removal may be […]

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Female Doctor Examining Skin On Man's Back With Dermatoscope (model)

How To Prepare For Beauty Mark (Mole) Removal

We understand that beauty marks on the face, such as moles, can be a point of frustration for many patients. Our Royal College-certified plastic surgeons often perform mole removal at the initial appointment, giving patients enhanced confidence while leaving the least noticeable scar possible. In this post, we detail the steps you can take before, […]

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Cosmetic surgeon examining mole of patient (model)

Top Tips For Mole Removal Aftercare

Having a mole removed can be quite a rewarding experience, whether you’re addressing a recent concern or finally getting rid of a spot that has bothered you for years. Fortunately, mole removal doesn’t require much downtime, and with the proper aftercare, it may leave you with little to no visible scarring. In this blog post, […]

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Woman with a Keloid on her shoulder (model)

How Do You Flatten a Keloid?

It’s unfortunate to heal from a wound or surgical incision only to be left with a scar that compromises your appearance. That’s the reality of keloid scarring, and if you’ve experienced a keloid, you know it all too well. Fortunately, there are ways to flatten keloids and minimize their cosmetic effect so you can move […]

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