What You Need To Know About How To Remove a Skin Tag

Close up of dermatologist examining patient skin tag in clinic (model)

A skin tag is a benign, flesh-coloured growth that can occur on your face, neck, groin, or arms. They are usually harmless and form due to friction caused by your clothing or jewelry. Although a skin tag doesn’t cause discomfort, it can catch on clothing and cause embarrassment. If you feel embarrassed or self-conscious about your skin tag, you may want to consider removal.

Below are some things you need to know about skin tag removal.

Skip the Home Remedies

Your first instinct might be to try out one of the many home remedies circulating the internet. However, you should know that many of these home remedies are not supported by scientific data and can even cause skin irritation and other issues. It’s best to seek help from a professional for an effective and safe outcome.

Watch Out for Atypical Features

Although a skin tag can be identified in most cases by its unique appearance, you might have a different type of skin growth that looks like a skin tag. If your skin tag suddenly changes in color or size, or you experience bleeding or pain in the area surrounding the growth, seek professional help immediately.

See a Professional

If you have a skin growth, whether it’s a skin tag or something else, it’s always smart to see a health care provider. Your provider will examine your skin tag and ask questions about your health history. Once they confirm that your growth is a skin tag, your provider will discuss options for removal, which is usually surgical excision.

Don’t hesitate to ask your provider questions about the procedure, recovery, and side effects so you feel comfortable about your decision to have your skin tag removed.

Know What To Expect During the Treatment

Skin tag removal is a relatively easy and painless procedure, as you will be given an anesthetic prior to removal. In most cases, stitches are not required after the skin tag is removed. You can resume your regular routine after your procedure, and you’ll gently cleanse your skin as usual. To avoid irritation, cover the area with a bandage if it rubs against your clothing. You can learn more about minor surgical procedures at our practice on our FAQs page.

It’s OK Not To Remove Your Skin Tag!

If you can easily hide your skin tag under your clothing, or if it doesn’t bother you, leave it alone! Skin tags are not contagious, so you don’t have to worry about passing them on to your friends and family. Just clean the area around the skin tag with your usual cleansing routine, and you should have no issues. However, it’s important not to scratch or pick at your skin tag, as it can lead to irritation or infection.

Removing a skin tag is a fast and easy process. You can request a consultation using our online form or call us at (416) 663-9649 to schedule an appointment. 

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